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From cookbooks that tell you step-by-step how to make great meals, to books on the history and business of food, to wine guides and nutritional information, our selection of food and wine books will help you "Think before you eat."

Recipes from the Kitchen of Chef Yvonne

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Gracious Goodness Starts at Home

A collection of recipes you can do at home to amuse yourself and amaze your friends. And if you need help (or the best ingredients), come in and see us at Wine & Words...& Gourmet, 220 W. Main St., Washington, NC

Ingredients note: Great food is based on great ingredients. Our kitchen-made salad dressings are a case in point. People are always asking me for the "recipe" for my vinaigrette dressings. I have to tell them, "Good olive oil, good vinegar...mix to taste. Voila! Great dressings." I use 100% Arbequina olive oil from the Siurana appellation in northeastern Spain. Then I add a great vinegar - Sherry Vinegar from Jerez, Spain; Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy; Champagne vinegar from France...

Wine & Words... & Gourmet

A World of Good Taste on Main Street

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Books at Wine & Words

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New Books at Discount Prices

We carry a selection of brand new "bargain" books at prices that are a fraction of the publisher's list price.  These books make great gifts...even to yourself.

Only a few of our books are posted here on the website, but they give you an idea of our eclectic range and incredible prices. The best way to see what we're offering is to come in and browse with us!

Our books are arranged in the following categories:

Counter Culture Coffee


Counter Culture Coffee is here! (ssssip...ahhh!)

That's right, we've switched over to Counter Culture Coffee, selected and roasted in Durham, NC.

I'm reading a book about coffee and I'm finding there's a lot to learn. But it's fun. Just like learning about wine, there's geography and geology, botany and chemistry. And, just like wine, it all results in a tasty beverage with pleasant psychoactive qualities. We like Counter Culture because, as they say on their website, they're "Coffee Driven."
We also serve Counter Culture in our Back Bay Cafe.
See what featured coffees are available below.

Turner Wines at Great Prices


Our friend Tim Turner of Turner Wine Imports is making room for new wines that are coming into his Morrisville warehouse, and he has offered me some deals I couldn’t refuse. Chef Yvonne and I brought the wines back to Washington earlier this week, and we’re going to pass the savings on to you this weekend. These are wines we’ve had before, so if you’re a fan, make sure to take advantage of these extraordinary prices. The sale prices won’t last past this weekend...and many of the wines will be gone before Saturday.

Early Sale and Newbies in Time for the Season


This week I’m receiving my first delivery of some Holiday Pre-Sale items, and I’m passing the savings on to you. That’s right, it’s time to think about the wonderful wines you’ll be serving at your feasts and parties or gifting to your loved ones. We’ll start with two that are old standbys for feasts and fiestas:

Saint Hilaire Brut (Limoux, France) Regular Price $17.85/ Feature Price $15.17

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