Lindley Farms Creamery Mozzarella Cheesecake

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Snow Camp, NC

Locally made, farm fresh, no preservatives or additives

Lindley Farms is a small 100 cow (Holstein and Guernsey) dairy in Snow Camp, North Carolina. The farm has been operational since the early 1940’s, has been passed down from generation to generation and is operated almost entirely by family members.

Lindley Farm cheesecakesLindley Farm cheesecakesThey recently opened a small creamery and have started making and selling mozzarella cheesecakes. Our vendor gave us a couple "for Christmas" and they are simply delicious. The fresh milk from the creamery's cows is pasteurized and made into mozzarella cheese curds. These curds are then blended with a few special ingredients, baked in a graham cracker crust, and glazed with a special sour cream topping.

We keep them in the freezer and they'll last a week in your fridge...but once you dig in, they won't last long at all!

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