Shakisso Natural Sundried


Sidamo, Ethiopia Certified Organic • Shade-Grown

Lovingly hand picked and sun dried by the skilled farmers of Shakisso, this intensely flavorful natural-process coffee shines with bright notes of ripe berries above luscious chocolate undertones. Just as with our washed-process lot from Shakisso, this natural sundried coffee is made up of both cultivated and wild coffee varieties, resulting in a remarkably complex cup bearing the attributes of each.

In the south of Ethiopia, in the region of Sidamo, sits the town of Shakisso. Surrounding Shakisso are mountains covered with forest, so dense that it appears almost black when viewed from above. This mysterious, dense tropical forest has been the source of speculation and wonder for thousands of years. This forest is said to conceal King Solomon's legendary gold mines, mythical animals and satyrs, and fierce warriors. From the forest also comes coffee, growing in the wild just as it has for eons.

On the perimeter of this forest, Haile Gebre runs a family farm, planted with coffee trees he and his family have cultivated from seeds gathered from the wild coffee of the forests. The farm itself is kept in forested conditions, simulating the wild coffee strain's natural environment. This is coffee grown in its primeval state, in its very element.

Haile has developed a reputation as one of the best coffee people in the country, producing coffees with integrity, beauty, and a deep sense of Ethiopian identity. Haile is one of the coffee producers embracing the arcane tradition of sundried-in-the-fruit coffees, bringing craftsmanship and focus to the oldest method of coffee processing in the world. Shakisso Natural Sundried is the product of that focus.

To create Shakisso Natural Sundried, perfectly ripe coffee cherries are selected from the coffee forest and set to dry on banks of cloth-covered tables in the sun, much like the Biloya and Idido Misty Valley coffees from Yirgacheffe to the west.